Homeowner Association Management Services

Manage Association Finances

  1. Collect monthly assessments, rental income, user fees and other charges from owners, tenants and concessionaires.

  2. Maintain a payment account for each unit. Take action on delinquent accounts per the instructions of the Board and in accordance with Association policy and Condominium law.

  3. Transfer funds between Association accounts as directed by Association policy.

  4. Pay the Association’s routine expenses in a timely and professional manner and in accordance with Association policy.

  5. Maintain financial records of receipts and disbursements. We provide the Board of Directors with copies of their monthly summary along with comparison to the approved budget. The summary provided to the Association’s treasurer will include the original paid bills and bank statements.

  6. Prepare an annual summary of the Association’s receipts and disbursements and, at the request of the Board, provide financial data to the Association’s outside auditor or corporate tax return preparer.

  7. Supervise the payment of all payroll expenses incurred on behalf of the Association including, but not limited to, salaries and payroll taxes, and the preparation and filing of all tax returns or other reports.

  8. Provide estimates of future operating costs and assist in the preparation of the Association’s annual budget.

Provide Administrative Services

  1. Maintain Association records including records of current unit ownership and subsequent changes, copies of contract and other legal documents, information for emergency access, financial statements, audit reports and Board minutes. Association records are to be maintained on-site for two years plus the current fiscal year. Prior years records are to be placed in storage at Board approved location.

  2. Participate in annual membership meetings and attend Board meetings as mutually agreed.

  3. Prepare and serve notice of infractions of the Association’s Declaration and Rules upon request of the Board.

  4. Assist the Board in the maintenance of adequate insurance coverage and assist in its timely renewal and claims processing.

  5. Provide unit owners with access to the Association’s financial and insurance records, as required.

  6. Maintain a telephone during normal business hours to which inquiries and concerns can be directed. Maintain an after-hours telephone for emergency matters.

Supervise Maintenance of the Property

  1. Supervise all of the Association’s employees and vendors in the performance of their duties including their seasonal replacements.

  2. Conduct periodic physical inspections of the property.

  3. Arrange for and supervise the accomplishment of routine repairs, including those required by regulatory agencies, within the limits determined by the Association.

  4. Assist the Board in soliciting bids from contractors for repair, maintenance or replacement of common elements and assist the Board in the evaluation of such bids.

  5. Assist the Board in contracting for services such as trash removal, equipment maintenance, pest control, utilities and landscaping.

  6. Assist the Board in monitoring the performance of contractors and tradesmen to insure that the conditions of contracts, specifications and other requirements are met prior to payment.